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Poet Laureate 2022-2024

On April 2020, the Friends of the Calaveras County Library approved the establishment of the position of Calaveras County Poet Laureate, to elevate the art of poetry in Calaveras County and to help celebrate the literary arts. Friends of the Calaveras County Library is the official fiscal agent and facilitator of the Calaveras County Poet Laureate program.

The Poet Laureate is a two-year position. During that term, the Poet Laureate will act as an advocate for poetry, literature, and the arts, and contribute to Calaveras County’s poetry and literary legacy through public readings and participation in community events. The Poet Laureate also will propose and lead community poetry projects.


I appreciate the opportunity to share my love of poetry with all the communities in Calaveras County. I treasure my poetry work with elementary students in Calaveras and Amador counties for the past 20+ years.

Laureate Projects

  • Visit each library branch (including the book mobile branch) each year 2022-2024.

  • Presentations to community organizations

  • Annual presentation to Calaveras County Board of Supervisors

  • Zoom workshops

  • Visit senior centers

  • School visits (Workshops)

  • Write a poem for districts 1-5 in Calaveras County

  • Establish a platform for 7-12 students to access local poets and their work

  • 2nd annual Poetry Festival July 15, 2023

Projects already in place:

  • Launch of 1st annual “Poetry of the Mother Lode” (will occur during April “Poetry Month”)

  • Facilitate Voices of Wisdom, Poetry, and Memoir groups through Manzanita Writers Press

  • Radio show featuring poets, authors, and literary news

  • Support Poetry Out Loud program in Calaveras County

  • Poem to appear as a permanent installation in West Point Art Path (Fall 2022)

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